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Motivation, profit and ease. These are three vitals parts in any fundraising scheme, yet sometimes, good fundraising ideas seem very hard to come by! With schools, colleges, youth sports and charity groups often struggling for funds to provide valuable programs, facilities or equipment, getting outside help through good fundraisers can be all-important. There may also often be several simultaneous fundraising programs and events competing for the same donors, making it far trickier to collect funds.

Which Fundraiser

Often, good fundraising ideas are the ones that tie in with the group’s purpose or need. Knowing who your donors will is also important when choosing your fundraiser. Different groups have different supporters. The last thing you want is to be selling a fundraising product that doesn't fit your supporters wants or needs. Donors will find extra value in fundraising initiatives that speak to their hearts or provide something of value for their hard earned dollars. Another thing to look at is who will be selling? Kids or adults? You want to find a fundraiser that fits your groups sellers.

Good Ideas

Our site is full of good fundraisers that have been proven to not only work, but work extremely well by maximizing your groups time and energy. We took the time to research thousands of good fundraising ideas in an effort to find the best of the best. And, we did!

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