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- 2013 Award for "Top Fundraising Idea"

Fundraising Ideas For High School 

Fundraising Discount Cards also known as Fundraising Cards are the ultimate fundraiser in the country. Discount cards are great as they have incredible value for the buyer. By contacting 10 - 20 local merchants to advertise (free of charge) on the back of the card. Next have the card created and printed and then sell the cards for $10 or $20 each. You can make a lot of money, the merchants get a lot of traffic and the card holder gets both great savings and great deals. This is by far the best fundraising idea we have run across.

Candy Fundraising can raise money fast. When candy is purchased in bulk for half price, you can then sell them at double the price paid. And be sure to choose popular candy as your potential customers will not be able to resist purchasing from you.

Freshly baked cookies are a sure hit with anyone and this makes cookie dough fundraising a successful venture. Usually a cookie catalog is used to order and collect your money when pre ordering. At the end of your sale you place a bulk order and you can use the money you collect during your sale.

Fundraising golf tournaments charge a fee to make sure that the green fees are paid for and that the additional costs of running the tournament are covered. If you price the tournament the right way, there will still be a profit from the event.

Find a local business to sponsor your event at their car wash site, or start a do it yourself car wash in a prominent parking lot where you supply the workers, soap, water, and towels. Kids can design signs to advertise your fundraiser on nearby street corners. Give credit to any local sponsors on your posters or flyers, and they'll probably be glad to help out. This is a great fundraiser for teenagers to get involved in.

This is a good fundraiser because it works! The popular 50-50 raffle is where the winner gets half of the money raised, or the lucky chance ticket raffle is also a good option. This is where parents and students collect donated prizes from local business and then sell lucky chance tickets that give people a possibility of winning the prizes. Raffles tend work best in collaboration with some other events like a school play or a football game. With prizes donated by the local area businesses, you can make 100 percent profit!

Contact your friends, family, and local businesses to donate some items. Then simply set up the auction and ask for people to bid on the items. Your customers may get some great products at a good price and the profits can make your fundraiser a huge success.

Everybody loves lollipop fundraising, especially when they are helping your organization raise top dollar. Lollipops can purchased in many flavors and shapes. Most fundraising groups purchase lollipops for $.25 and sell them for $.50 so they double their profits on every lollipop sold.

Fundraising Bracelets or wristbands are an idea that keeps on giving. Not only can you make money for your cause by buying high quality silicone wristbands for a low cost and selling them for a profit, you can custom imprint your own message on the wristband to spread ongoing awareness about your fundraiser.

Apparel fundraising is a fundraiser idea that every school, club and sports team should try. It is an on going fundraiser as supporters will always want to buy new supporter clothing. Year in and year out this fundraiser can be successful if done correctly, get creative and try an apparel fundraiser.

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